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Blu electronic cigarette review
Blue Electronic Cigarette

Blu Cig / Electronic Cigarette Review
Overall Score 9/10
blu electronic cigarette review

Cost: $59.95

Rating:10/10 blu electronic cigarette review

Blu Electronic Cigarette Starter KitThe Blu cig / electronic cigarette starter kit is one of the lowest price starter kits available. But don't let its low price fool you. Because when you go and pick up a electronic cigarette starter kit from Blu you are going to get one of the best starter kits I have ever used.


For the low price of only $59.95 you not only get everything you need to start using a great electronic cigarette. Blu also gives you a full carton of refill cartridges. In each carton of refill cartridges from Blu comes with 25 refill cartridges. This equals roughly 375 cigarettes worth of electronic cigarette use. Which is almost 2 full cartons of traditional cigarettes.


Rating: 9/10 blu electronic cigarette review

Blu packThe Blu electronic cigarette is one of the smallest electronic cigarettes on the market. You get the choice of white or black at the time of ordering your Blu electronic cigarette starter kit. The white version does look nice however I prefer the black model myself. Very few electronic cigarette companies give you the choice of color when ordering your electronic cigarette, so it is nice to see that Blu offers variety.


You Blu electronic starter kit also comes with what is known as the Blu pack. This package for your Blu electronic cigarette is around the size of a conventional pack of cigarettes. But the Blu pack does more than just hold your electronic cigarette. The Blu pack holds your assembled electronic cigarette, 5 refill cartridges and will even recharge your spare battery on the go.

Usability / Quality

Rating: 8/10 blu electronic cigarette review

The Blu electronic cigarette is a good quality unit in my book. Like the majority of electronic cigarettes it is easy to use. However unlike some inferior electronic cigarettes that have a low price tag, the Blu electronic cigarette is pretty high quality. This electronic cigarette doesn't have a touchy battery or a hard time vaporizing the nicotine solution. However I have used electronic cigarettes that do put out more vapor, the Blu is still very good for the price.


In fact with a full battery the Blu electronic cigarette is the hardest hitting electronic cigarettes I have ever used. So if you are looking for a good throat hit the Blu can deliver. Even when the battery starts getting low it still hits as hard as other more expensive electronic cigarettes. In my opinion this fact combined with its small design makes the Blu one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market.


I personally put all of the electronic cigarettes I review though a little abuse. Sometimes on purpose and some times it is accidental. Because lets face it things happen and you would not want your electronic cigarette to fail because of some trivial little accident.

Refill Cartridges

Rating: 9/10 blu electronic cigarette review

Blu Refill CartridgesThe Blu electronic cigarette refill cartridges are the traditional open cylinder design. Blu refill cartridges have a small piece of foil over the portion of the cartidge that holds the nicotine. When you put the new refill on the atomizer punctures the foil allowing it to get vaporized.


I have found out thought that it is best to give your brand new refill cartridges a little twist to open the foil even more, so you will get optimum performance. The open cylinder design also makes it easy to refill the cartridges if you would like to simply buy the solution and refill your own cartridges.


Blu refill cartridges are probably one of the lowest priced on the market. Each Blu electronic cigarette refill cartridge costs only $1 and is the equivalent of 15 traditional cigarettes. Each carton of refill cartridges only cost $25 and you get almost (375 cigarettes) the equivalent of 2 cartons of traditional cigarettes.


Blu offers a little variety when it comes down to their refill cartridge flavors. Currently they offer the following flavors: Tobacco, Vanilla, Cherry, Menthol, and Java (coffee). At the current time Blu only sells the 5 listed flavors, although I would like to see them expand thier flavor variety.


Rating: 9/10 blu electronic cigarette review

Blu electronic cigarette batteriesThe Blu electronic cigarette battery is one of the smallest on the market. But dont let it small size fool you. The Blu electronic cigarette battery lasts for about 2 complete refill cartridges. I found this really impressive. I have used other electronic cigarettes that have a bigger battery but only last for one cartridge. 


UPDATE: After a month or so of use the batteries start wearing down a little and need charging after about cartridge. However the Blu pack more than makes up for this fact.


Unlike a lot of other electronic cigarette batteries there does not seem to be a steep nose dive in performance when your battery starts to get low. In my experience with other electronic cigarettes when the battery gets about half drained you really notice the performance decrease.


However when the Blu electronic cigarette battery starts getting low there is no sudden drop in performance. It just seems to even out until it dies and needs to be recharged. So you will never find yourself hitting harder to get the same amount of vapor. The Blu electronic cigarette battery is a real champ!


Rating: 9/10 blu electronic cigarette review

Blu electronic cigarette atomizersThe Blu electronic cigarette atomizer is just like most of the others on the market. It has a pointed triangle type of design. This really comes in handy when it comes to puncturing a new refill cartridge. All in all there is not much to say about the atomizer. It is all around good but not unlike any others I have seen.

Chargers And Accesories

Rating: 10/10 blu electronic cigarette review

Blu electronic cigarette chargersThe Blu electronic cigarette comes packed with chargers and accessories. Unlike most of the other electronic cigarette companies Blu does not charge any extra for the additional chargers. In your Blu electronic cigarette starter kit you will receive both wall and USB chargers.


But Blu takes it even one step further allowing you to simply recharge a single battery or your Blu pack. In turn a fully charged Blu pack will recharge your electronic cigarette battery up to six times. This is by far one of the best features of the Blu electronic cigarette starter kit. So not only does the Blu pack offer protection for your electronic cigarette it is like a charging station that fits in your pocket.

Customer Support

Rating: 8/10 blu electronic cigarette review

Blu's customer support is top notch and ready to take care of all of your concerns. They can either contact them via their online support that is available on their website or by calling their toll free support line. However the couple of times that I have called Blu there was a little bit of a wait time.


This wait time is due to the overwhelming response for their product. So in a sense it is kind of expected.


However after waiting the 10 or so minutes I have found that their customer support is kind and curtious. They where able to quickly help me with any of my concerns. While testing their support I told them that I had a battery that was kind of touchy. They quickly offered to replace it for me and sent me a replacement battery without even asking for the old one back.


Rating: 10/10 blu electronic cigarette review

When you buy an electronic cigarette starter kit from Blu they will back it up with a 30 day money back guarantee. This is always a great thing to receive from a company. It shows that they are confident of their product and are willing to go and give you a refund if you regret your purchase.


From what I have seen only about half of the electronic cigarette companies out there offer a money back guarantee. The money back guarantee that Blu offers really gives them another edge over the competition.

Coupons / Sales / Discounts / Special Offers

Rating: 10/10 blu electronic cigarette review

At the current time Blu is giving Free Shipping on every electronic cigarette starter kit. There are a couple of other companies out there that offer this same promotion. I would almost expect this from most of them. But when it comes to Blu it is really just another great benefit. Giving that they are one of the lowest cost electronic cigarettes on the market they really do not have to throw extras at you.


From everything I have seen Blu does not offer any other discounts, sales, or special offers. But why would they? They have to make a profit to stay open and from what I can see they are already giving you everything you could possibly want for a really low price.

Blu Electronic Cigarette Review Conclusion

Now it is finally time to wrap up this Blu electronic cigarette review. I have to say that all in all the Blu electronic cigarette starter kit is unlike no other. Blu offers a boat load of value for a fairly small price.


I would highly recommend the Blu electronic cigarette starter kit for those on a budget as well as those with a few bucks to spare. If you are not sold on Blu's low cost you will surely like the quality of the Blu electronic cigarette. All in all Blu is the best electronic cigarette starter kit I have reviewed.

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blu electronic cigarette review
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