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True Vapor

True Vapor Electronic Cigarette E-Liquid Video Reviews

This is a series of reviews that I did on the True Vapor electronic cigarette e-liquid or e-juice as some call it. I enjoyed reviewing this eliquid from True Vapor. I personally thought that the e-liquid was rather strong but I personally vape 8mg e-liquid. All in all the e-liquid that I used from Truevapor.com was of good quality and tasted great. I personally liked mixing True Vapors e-liquid and then cutting them down with vg which put off a pile of vapor.


Below you will find the six True Vapor e-liquid video reviews that I put together. I did one per flavor of True Vapor e-liquid that I tested. However I used the same beginning and ending on each video to save time since I had a pile of videos to make that day. I hope you enjoy the following True Vapor e-juice video reviews. Below each of them you will find a brief description of my thoughts on that particular e-liquid.

True Vapor 12mg RY4 E-Liquid Review




The RY4 e-liquid was by far my favorite flavor that I have tasted from True Vapor. At first I was thinking it tasted sort of like caramel. However the more and more I used this e-liquid, the more and more I thought it tasted like Juicy Fruit gum. I am not sure if my taste buds are out of whack or something but I am convinced that this e-liquid tastes like Juicy Fruit! It is by far one of my favorite e-liquid flavors. Highly Recommended :)


 True Vapor 18mg Peach E-Liquid Review



 The peach flavored e-liquid that I tested from True Vapor had a pleasant flavor. However it was a very faint taste. I cannot recall a time that I had a strong peach tasting candy anything similar so I was not all that much of a shock. All in all the peach e-liquid was good but it could of been better if there was a little more flavor to it. 

True Vapor 18mg Coffee E-Liquid Review 

The Coffee flavored electronic cigarette e-liquid that I tried from True Vapor was everything that I would expect from a coffee flavored e-liquid. I have tried the coffee flavored e-liquid that comes with some of the electronic cigarette starter kits and it is pretty much the same stuff you would get with a Blu or Luci electronic cigarette. To say the least I enjoyed vaping the True Vapor coffee flavored e-liquid, especially in the morning hours.

True Vapor 18mg Chocolate E-Liquid Review

The chocolate flavored e-juice that I used from True Vapor was very nice tasting. I wanted to add to the video that it is more of a dark chocolate taste than a really sweet chocolate. All in all I feel that the chocolate e-liquid was ideal for mixing. There are so many other e-liquid flavors that mix well with the chocolate that you will not run out of ideas for new flavor mixes any time soon. All in all the chocolate is a good e-liquid to vape alone and even better mixed. 

True Vapor 18mg Cherry E-Liquid Review



The cherry flavored e-liquid from True Vapor has a very nice and distinct cherry after taste. It is a lot like the various liquids that I have tasted from various manufacturers. All in all it is a really good taste when used by itself and also mixes well with some of True Vapors other flavors. I personally thought the chocolate and cherry where a great match. 


True Vapor 12mg Apple E-Liquid Review

The apple flavored e-liquid from True Vapor was a lot like the peach. It has a very faint taste of apple. But just like I said about the peach e-liquid I cannot recall many candies or anything having a real strong taste of apples, so it really was not to shocking. I liked the apple flavored e-liquid although I felt it could of had a little more flavor. 


All in all I thought that the e-liquid that I have use from True Vapor was good. I have had worse and I have also had better. Their prices are fair and they offer a pretty good product. They have a fairly good selection of flavors, however I really do not think that they mix their own liquid in house. I think that they are worth giving a shot and would recommend that you at least give their e-liquid a try. 

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True Vapor E-liquid review
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